The Lifestyle & Electronics Hall

Big Boys Toys will showcase the “latest & greatest” in products and services from the Automotive, Lifestyle and Consumer Electronics industries.


The Lifestyle & Electronics Hall at Big Boys Toys 2019 will contain an array of lifestyle items, audio, and the latest in gaming, Virtual Reality and technology.


Some features for this year are:


  • Consumer electronics
  • A special Gaming Zone from Ping Zero
  • A major Combat Robotics competition along the lines of “Battle Bots”
  • A Retail Hub in the bottom half of the hall


  • The revolutionary augmented reality “Techno Sport” – Hado is being launched in NZ at Big Boys Toys. This awesome AR sport from Japan is sweeping the world and can experienced for the first time in NZ at Big Boys Toys. Check out their website here for more information: www.hado.co.nz


The Lifestyle & Electronics Hall

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