Sweet Axe Throwing:


The sport of ‘axe throwing’ is proving a world-wide phenomenon, and one heading to Big Boys Toys.


The team at Sweet Axe Throwing set up the country’s first ever ‘axe throwing’ range in Wellington last year, before opening in Nelson St, Auckland in July 2019.


Lloyd Bombell and Sarah Hilyard are the founders of Sweet Axe Throwing, and are bringing six lanes of axe throwing action to Big Boys Toys this year.


Axe-pert Lloyd Bombell says “it’s a back to basics, good fun game.  Simplicity is key, and once you throw that axe and hear the thunk, you’re hooked”


The game is simple – the closer you get to the bullseye, the higher the score, and whoever has the most points after 10 throws wins.  The key to securing victory, according to Bombell & Hilyard, is “technique over strength.”


So, channel your inner lumber-jack, and give axe-throwing a crack at Big Boys Toys this year, to see if you have the technique to be ‘axe-pert’!



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