950 hp LaFerrari Aperta

Big Boys Toys has long been the country’s premier automotive show, with a highlight each year being the unveiling of a supercar.  The 2017 show supercar that will have even the most ardent automobile lovers in awe!

This year’s show, which takes place at the ASB Showgrounds from 10-12 November,  will reveal the LaFerrari Aperta, a supercar made to celebrate Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary.

LaFerrari is a limited production hybrid sports car made by Ferrari.  LaFerrari literally means “The Ferrari”, in the sense that it is the “definitive” Ferrari.

Automobile lovers wondered how Ferrari could possible make the LaFerrari any better.  One idea was to rip the top off it – which is exactly what the Italian supercar maker has done.  Dubbed “Aperta” this supercar has been limited to a production run of only 209, with only 200 available to Ferrari collectors.

The Aperta maintains the LaFerrari’s 950 horsepower powertrain which includes a 6.3 litre V-12 delivery roughly 800 hp, the bulk of the oomph coming from an electric motor and battery pack.  While the removable top will add some weight to the supercar, the Aperta can sprint from 0 to 100 kph in less than three seconds, and has top speed of over 350 kph.

Another unique aspect of the LaFerrari Aperta is that they are extremely hard to purchase with the world’s most recognisable exotic carmaker mastering the art of exclusivity.   So – for the New Zealand to be able to see this car in person is a rare automobile treat.

The car is brought to the show by the Gut Cancer Foundation – the official charity of Big Boys Toys.

LaFerrari Aperta

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