This year’s show has five halls packed with the ‘latest and greatest’ in products and services, allowing you to see, try and buy the brands you love, as well as uncover some new favourites.

Miracle Shammy

No other material known to man soaks up water like the miracle shammy! Wash, dry, wax, buff and polish, all with the same cloth!

Site number: 2096

Website: www.showtv.co.nz/miracle-multi-surface-shammy.html 

MTF Finance Mt Eden

Whether you need a family vehicle, a boat or jetski, or new equipment for the business, we can help. As experienced lenders we will work with you through every step of the process, To provide a seamless experience so you’ll know where you stand and you can borrow with confidence.

Site number: 3055

Website: www.mtf.co.nz/contact/find-franchise/mtf-finance-mt-eden/

Neuron Percussion

Neuron Percussion imports and sells quality drums and percussion equipment.

Site number: 2067

Website: www.neuronpercussion.co.nz

Perfect Plus

Perfect Plus Microfibre towels will speed dry your car with no wringing out, streaks or scratching. The large 'Big Sucker' towel is the perfect spec to dry your car and will last for hundreds of uses.

Site number: 2002

Website: www.perfectplus.co.nz

Ping Zero

New Zealand's Gaming Event specialists, creating gaming experiences since 2002.  Come and play in New Zealand's Largest Video Gaming Trailer, and challenge our Fortnite players.

Site number: 2082

Website: www.pingzero.co.nz


PROMarine is an emerging brand for Marine Equipment & Accessories including Boating, Kayaks, Chilly Bins, Cooler Bags, Inflatable Tenders, Paddle Boards and loads more.

Site number: 2104

Website: www.promarine.nz/

Prostate & Testicular Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in Kiwi men, over 600 men die of the disease each year. Early detection will save lives!

Site number: 3007

Website: www.prostate.org.nz

Rapid Dry Towels

After unsuccessfully searching for a chamois to dry cars without wringing out for years - we made it. The Rapid Dry Towels Original will dry your car in as little as 90 seconds! www.rapiddrytowels.com

Site number: 3116

Website: www.rapiddrytowels.com

Red Wing Shoes

Excellence is a standard which transcends the test of time. For over a century Red Wing Shoes has been at the spearhead of innovation in the standard of excellence for footwear.

Site number: 3184

Website: www.wholesafe.co.nz

Route 16

A large range of collectors models. Hot rods and classic cars large and small. Also kit sets, trackers and planes.

Site number: 2012


Rush Sim Racing

Race your mates on the most realistic full motion traction loss racing simulators available in New Zealand. Road racing, dirt, drifting - We cover all forms of racing!

Site number: 3110

Website: rushsimracing.co.nz


Since 1947, Schumacher has been the global leader for battery chargers, jump starters and accessories. Designed and Engineered in the USA with award-winning, patented technology.

Site number: 2104

Website: www.schumacherchargers.com.au/

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