This year’s show has five halls packed with the ‘latest and greatest’ in products and services, allowing you to see, try and buy the brands you love, as well as uncover some new favourites.

Usha’s Henna Tattoo’s

Henna Tattoos are a fun, non-permanent way to express yourself and wear art on your body! Our skilled artists can draw any designs, so you can choose from our collection or even request a custom design. Have you been wanting to get a tattoo but not quite ready to commit? Try it out in henna first! 

Site number: 2065

Website: www.facebook.com/hennatattoosnz

Vector Wero Whitewater Park

Vector Wero is Auckland's ultimate adventure rush for rafting, kayaking and paddleboarding, and home of the world's highest man-made waterfall!

Site number: 2115

Website: www.wero.org.nz

WindoWow Eblade

The WindoWow E-Blade is the perfect accessory for streak and moisture-free glass and windows. Using a cyclonic vacuum, the E-Blade really sucks - in the best way possible!

Site number: 2096

Website: www.showtv.co.nz/collections/windowow™/products/windowow-e-blade


Woll is German-made cast cookware that's built to last

Site number: 2098

Website: www.wollcookware.co.nz/

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