This year’s show has five halls packed with the ‘latest and greatest’ in products and services, allowing you to see, try and buy the brands you love, as well as uncover some new favourites.


Autoport NZ is changing the way people buy cars. Visit us to hear about how we can provide 10-20% savings and a hassle-free, risk-free buying process.

Site number: 1027

Website: www.autoport.nz

Bread Charity

A charity dedicated to protecting the dreams of New Zealand children living in poverty. Home to the Bread Supercar rally and track day fundraisers.

Site number: 1001

Website: www.bread.org.nz

Custom Street Rides

CSR  Custom Street Rides is a  custom and classic restorations rod shop in Taranaki , specialising in American, Australian & British cars & trucks. Full mechanical, Panel & Paint all carried out in house.

Site number: 1014

Website: www.walshautos.co.nz

Feldon Shelter

Rooftop tents that are as good looking as they are innovative and functional. Feldon Shelter are New Zealand's premium supplier of rooftop tents. Come say hey!

Site number: 1054

Website: www.feldonshelter.com

Futura Trailers

Futura Trailers design and build the world’s leading low loader car trailer. This trailer makes loading your race car or classic car easy by one person. As used by famous names as Greg Murphy, Rod Millen, and Mad Mike.

Site number:

Website: www.futuratrailers.com

Jonesy’s Garage

Artisans of the automotive industry; Jonesy’s Garage, specialists in vehicle engineering and modification. Experience and skill enable us to build, restore, or modify anything automotive.

Site number: 1052

Website: www.jonesys.co.nz

Landspeed NZ

An approved Motorsport Association a registered incorporated society, to discuss and share information about Land speed Racing in New Zealand and Overseas. To also facilitate Landspeed racing in New Zealand and Overseas.

Site number: 1000

Website: www.landspeed.org.nz

Max Loans

At Max Loans we have helped thousands of customers obtain finance to enable them to achieve their dreams.  Whether it be to finance a house, a wedding, a well deserved holiday, consolidate debt, or even buy some ‘big boy toy’, we are here to help make it happen.  Let us help you achieve your dreams.  Apply online today: www.maxloans.co.nz/loan-application-form/

Site number: 1024

Website: www.maxloans.co.nz

Repco Beach Hop

Don't miss the Best of Beach Hop display at Big Boys Toys featuring 16 of the finest vehicles you'll see at Repco Hop 19 Find us at Site number: 1048, 1050, 1046, 1040.

Site number: 1048, 1050, 1046, 1040

Website: www.beachhop.co.nz

Route 16

A large range of collectors models. Hot rods and classic cars large and small. Also kit sets, trackers and planes.

Site number: 1028



Swisstrax, the World's most advanced Modular Domestic or Commercial flooring system. Virtually indestructible, sleek & modern, range of colours & styles, portable with full 12 year warranty.

Site number: 1012

Website: www.swisstrax.co.nz

The Hot Rod Show

The Hot Rod Show is about people in sheds, not just what they have in them but what they do with the things they have in them.

Site number: 1052

Website: www.thehotrodshow.com