This year’s show has five halls packed with the ‘latest and greatest’ in products and services, allowing you to see, try and buy the brands you love, as well as uncover some new favourites.

At Large Audio

At Large Audio fit vintage suitcases with home audio speakers creating portable Bluetooth stereos with real punch. These stereos are designed to move around the house with you, or tag along on a picnic or holiday.

Site number: 2110

Website: www.atlargeaudio.co.nz

Auckland International Paintball Group

Located in 5 countries around the world. Offering huge discounts for you to come and play with your friends and family. Great FUN for every occasion.

Site number: 2100

Website: www.ipgnz.co.nz

Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport encourages drivers, no matter how skilled, to be aware of their speeds and “Slow Down”. Last year 132 speed-related Deaths/Serious Injury crashes occurred on Auckland roads; check your speeds and please “Slow Down”.

Site number: 3051

Website: www.at.govt.nz

Bison Electric Bikes

The Australasian distributor for an exclusive technically advanced range of e-bikes and e-scooters. The chic foldaway Bison X3 and the revolutionary 3 wheeled iTank.

Site number: 3018 & 3016

Website: www.bisonebikes.com/

Black International

The smartest and most efficient way to locate your battery-powered assets. Utilising GPS and GSM technologies, Black International have designed Orchid™, a unique locating device designed to let you know where your asset is, when requested. Orchid™ has been designed to fit easily inside your assets allowing true discretion and protection.

Site number: 2033

Website: www.black-int.com

Blue Moose BBQ

Blue Moose Barbeque is New Zealand's barbeque specialist offering barbeque smokers and BBQ rubs & sauces. We carry Texas Original Pits, Pit Barrel, and Oklahoma Joe smokers.

Site number: 2003

Website: www.bluemoose.co.nz


BREO- World leading portable massagers.

Site number: 2125

Website: breo.co.nz/


Fly problem? Insect hunting has entered the 21st century with the BUG-A-SALT shotgun. The BUG-A-SALT gun fires ordinary table salt to kill flies and other pesky insects. Non-toxic and no batteries required. Fire your flyswatter!  

Site number: 2031

Website: www.macvad.com/map/new-zealand/urban-leisure/


Carhartt Inc. was established in Detroit USA In 1889, Known for rugged construction, exceptional standards of quality, durability and comfort, Carhartt apparel is legendary worldwide.

Site number: 3184

Website: www.wholesafe.co.nz

CNC Kits

With over 10 years of experience, we supply parts and advice for building your own computer controlled tools, toys and robots.

Site number: 1032

Website: www.cnckits.co.nz/


We are Sydney based - combat gears and dress up gears expert. We also do pop art paintings and handmade metal artworks.

Site number: 2068

Website: www.ebay.com.au/str/combatsydney

Continental Cars

Official Ferrari merchandise

Site number: 3055

Website: www.auckland.ferraridealers.com